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Ratemaking Report

Ratemaking Report

The Ratemaking Report contains the pure premium base rate schedule by class, calculations used to produce the schedule, and complete explanations as to some of the methods and factors available to amend or complement the rates.  Also included are the complete pure premium calculation exhibits and unmodified unit statistical plan data. The latest five years of Reports are available.

Pure Premium Base Rates

The pure premium base rates and rating values for all classes are available to assist carriers in the mechanics of generating complete individual class rates. They are available in a downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as well as in a WCRATE text file format.

Ratemaking Report Request Form

The Ratemaking Report is available free of charge to MWCIA members.  Carriers can use this link to request their free copy. Agents and others can request the Report and/or the base rates by submitting the Product Request Form with the appropriate fees.