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Manage Policy System

Access to Manage Policy is provided through MWCIA’s Web Membership system. The Web Membership system allows insurance carriers and agents to manage their user accounts for MWCIA web products.

The Manage Policy System allows member carriers to view the policy data they reported to the MWCIA. Members can:

  • Search for coverage ("Accepted" policies), transactions, submissions, import files, transaction errors, and policy letters.
  • Create, update, copy, validate, and submit policy transactions, including Cancellations and Reinstatements.
  • Renew, replace, rewrite, and reissue coverage.
  • Import transactions created on other policy systems.
  • Export "Accepted" transactions for record keeping or storage in other systems.
  • Print coverage information, transaction detail, search results and transaction errors (also available in Excel-compatible format).

Reference Materials

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Manage Policy System, please email mps@mwcia.org.