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Manage USR

Access to Manage USR is provided through MWCIA’s Web Membership system. The Web Membership system allows insurance carriers and agents to manage their user accounts for MWCIA web products.

Manage USR allows member carriers to view and manage the Unit Statistical Report (USR) data they have reported to the MWCIA. Members can:

  • Search for USR data: Members can use Manage USR to search for USRs, claims, import files, USR submissions and USR errors using a variety of search criteria.
  • Create USR data: Manage USR can create USRs, including subsequent reports, corrections and replacements, as well as revise any unsubmitted USR data.
  • Validate USR data prior to submission: Manage USR validation allows members to ensure their USR data is correct and valid before submitting to MWCIA. Only valid USR data may be submitted to MWCIA.
  • Submit USR data: Manage USR allows members to submit USR data and receive near real-time submission results from MWCIA whenever possible. Depending upon the size of submission and/or if MWCIA review is needed, results of a submission may be available within minutes, the same day, or as soon as offline processing or MWCIA review is completed.
  • Import USR WCSTAT files created on other systems: Manage USR allows members to import USR data and then validate, revise and submit their imported USRs as needed.
  • Create USR WCSTAT files: Members may create WCSTAT files for their USR data in Manage USR, for record-keeping purposes or storage in other systems.
  • Access a variety of reports: Manage USR provides access to reports, including Notice of Fines Invoices, Policy Verification, USR Expected and Overdue USR reports, in several different formats.

Reference Materials:

If you have questions or concerns regarding Manage USR, please email unitstat@mwcia.org.